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Different Generations Of Solar Cells and Mechanisms of Their Performance (20412 Downloads)
Distribution feeder reconfiguration for loss reduction with new fuzzy adaptive PSO and DE algorithms (3301 Downloads)
Thermodynamic modeling and performance analysis of a novel and modified Organic Rankine Cycle(ORC) equiped with ejector and regenerator (2982 Downloads)
Optimization of Energy Cost in Water Supply Systems Using Genetic Algorithms (1839 Downloads)
Effect of Open Windows on Car Drag (1734 Downloads)
Optimal cross section and elevation in wind catcher structures as a ventilation system in Traditional Iranian Architecture (1627 Downloads)
Experimental investigation on pool boiling heat transfer in binary mixture of Water and Ethanol (1466 Downloads)
Investigation of the effects of boundary layer heating on the aerodynamics coefficients of transonic airfoil using the computational fluid dynamics (1435 Downloads)
Experimental Study of Centrifugal Pump Energy Label (1402 Downloads)
Numerical investigation of the effect of injector installation on the performance of blowdown supersonic wind tunnels in the presence of shock waves (1218 Downloads)
Investigation of performance and exhaust emissions in direct injection engine using coconut oil biodiesel (1214 Downloads)
Combined Fuzzy-ACO Algorithm for Optimal Reconfiguration and Distributed Generation Allocation (1125 Downloads)
Study the effect of volume fraction, size and shape of suspended nanoparticles in nanofluid on cylindrical heat pipe performance (1095 Downloads)
Effect of an isothermal wall on the natural convection heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder (990 Downloads)
Design, Construction and Empirical Investigation of Thermal Performance of A Heat Pipe (987 Downloads)
Flare gas recovery in a gas refinery (981 Downloads)
Numerical Study of The Melting Temperature Effect on The Performance of Phase Change Materials (PCM) to Reduce Buildings Energy Consumption (785 Downloads)
Investigation of performance and exhaust emissions in direct injection engine using coconut oil biodiesel (616 Downloads)
Flare Gas Recovery In A Gas Refinery (417 Downloads)
The Effect of Metallic and Non-metalic Nano-coatings and Polarization of Incident Radiation on Radiation Properties of Nono-coatings (343 Downloads)
Study of Glass Performance in Improving Efficiency of Trombe Wall Heating Technology (318 Downloads)
The Use of Cognitive Radio Networks Routing to Reduce Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks Dayjkstra Algorithm (252 Downloads)
Solar Still System To Distillation Saline Water: A Review (246 Downloads)
Thermal Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Automotive Electrical (241 Downloads)
Existing Methods For The Simulation of Turbulent Drag Reduction By Using Microfibers (197 Downloads)
Potential of Energy Saving in The Furnaces (184 Downloads)
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