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Bita Naseri,
Volume 5, Issue 2 (8-2016)

Naseri  B. 2016. Integrated  management of Rhizoctonia root rot of bean. Plant Pathology Science 5(2):42-51.

Rhizoctonia root rot caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kühn seriously reduces bean yield. Restricting wide distribution of the disease in main bean growing regions requires identification of factors effect on the disease occurrence and prevalence. Due to the lack of resistant cultivars and ineffective chemical control measures, cultural practice management plays an important role in disease control. According to the findings, increasing soil organic matter, improving rhizoobial nodule formation on root, not planting beans in sandy soils, maintaining nuteral pH of field soil, following 7-9 days irrigation interval throughout growing season, planting standard density of 30 plants per square meter, seeding at less than five cm depth under warm and dry climatic conditions, using sprinkler irrigation, growing red bean in infected fields, appropriate rotation program, applying maximum 50 kg/ha urea, weed control, and seed treatment with proper systemic fungicide should be considered in an integrated management program.

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