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Nahid Gerayeli, Sareh Baghaee Ravari,
Volume 5, Issue 2 (8-2016)

Gerayeli N. & Baghaee-Ravari S. 2016. The  biological  role of bacteriocins of gram-negative bacteria. Plant Pathology Science 5(2): 63-70.

Bacteriocins are a kind of antimicrobial peptides  or  proteins, produced by some gram-negative bacteria, for competition for space and resources, which can kill or inhibit  closely-related  bacteria. The producer bacterium is immune to these  material by specific immunity proteins. Bacteriocins vary in size, microbial targets, mode of action and immunity mechanism. So  far  lots of  bacteriocins  that produced by  specific isolates of gram-negative bacteria have been identified, which often have a high  molecular  weight. In this paper, mode of production,  and  mechanisms of  action of  bacteriocins, and  their  role  in  management  of  plants bacterial diseases, described.

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