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The Effect of Water Stress on Gas Exchange in Two Iranian Oak Species (Quercus brantii) and Vyvl (Quercus libani) (1666 Downloads)
Investigation of Some Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Persian Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl) in Bazoft Forests of ChaharMahal and Bakhtiari Province (1648 Downloads)
Modeling of Frequency Distribution of Tree’s Height in Uneven-Aged Stands in Dalab of Ilam (1605 Downloads)
Investigation of Hawthorn and Maple's Stands Structures of Zagros Forest Using Nearest Neighbors Indices (1531 Downloads)
Modeling of Seed Germination of Platycladus orientalis in Response to The Interaction of Temperature and Water Potential (1525 Downloads)
Factors Affecting the Deforestation of Oak Forests in Oulad Ghobad Region, Koohdasht (1471 Downloads)
Micropropagation of brant oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) from apical segments of early spring expanding shoots (1192 Downloads)
Determination of optimal irrigation on establishment and height growth of one-year Paulownia tomentosa seedlings (1162 Downloads)
Effects of some of Persian oak tree and stand characteristics on crown dieback rate in oak forests of medium Zagros (1134 Downloads)
Effect of the Decline on Changes in the Statistical Distribution of Hight Breast Diameter in the Central Zagros Forests (Case Study: Lorestan-Ilam) (1093 Downloads)
Study on Accuracy of Assessment of the Canopy Cover Density in a Pure Persian Oak Stand, by Using the Method of Terrestrial Photography (1089 Downloads)
Assessment of drought resistance in hawthorn and mahaleb seedlings with emphasis on biochemical parameters (1074 Downloads)
Biodiversity of Tree Species in Different Plot Size in Zagros Forests (Case study: Baniloan Area of Javanrood) (1062 Downloads)
The Study of Woody Species Structure and Diversity in The Persian Oak (Quercus brantiiLindl) Site, Dashtak, Yasouj, Western Iran (1052 Downloads)
Study of Quality and Quantity Trees in Shourab ECO-Park of Khorramabad (1009 Downloads)
Physiological Responses to Cold Stress in Different Provenances of Pistacia atlantica Seedlings (952 Downloads)
Influence of Individual Populus euphratica Trees on Soil Macrofauna in River Side Forest (868 Downloads)
Ecological assessment of watershed management projects based on vegetation composition and physicochemical soil properties (case study: Eyvan city, Ilam Province) (825 Downloads)
Assessment of Needle Leaves and Broad Leaves Afforested Stands in Makhmalkooh Forest Park (820 Downloads)
Identifying and Prioritizing Factors Affecting Degradation of Rangelands and Forests: The Case of Central District of Dena County (808 Downloads)
Monitoring and predicting changes in vegetation density using remote sensing (Case study: Venet watershed, Ilam province) (781 Downloads)
Effect of Rhyzobacteria Inoculation on Improvement of Growth Characteristics of Mediterranean Cypress Seedling under Water Deficit Stress (731 Downloads)
Analysis of Soil Characteristics of Wild Pistachio (Pistacia atlantica sub sp mutica) Forests in Fars Province (692 Downloads)
Leaf Morphology Variation in Brant, Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) in Relation to Altitude Gradient (684 Downloads)
Investigating Nutrient Quality and Litter Decomposition of Lebanon Oak (Quercus libani) in Early Stages of Decomposition Process in the Northern Zagros Forests (Case Study: Hoare Khul Forests in the City of Baneh) (672 Downloads)
The Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Natural Regeneration of Trees and Shrubs Species in Zagros Forests (Case Study: Forest of Baye, Ilam) (670 Downloads)
Relationship Between Spatial Pattern of Persian Oak (Quercus brantii Var Persica) and Wild Pistachio (Pistacia atlantica) Trees with Some Site and Stand Characteristics in Manesht Forests of Ilam Province (655 Downloads)
Phenology of Persian Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) in Three Different Sites in Fars Province, Iran (651 Downloads)
The Role of Topographic and Edaphic Factors in Mortality of Trees in Middle Zagros Persian Oak (Quercus brantii) Forests (616 Downloads)
Forest-Based Rural Households’ Perceptions Towards Forest Benefits and Explaining Demographic Variables in Chahartagh Forest Reserve of Ardal County (615 Downloads)
The Impact of Land Use Change of Forest Areas to Forest Parks on Species Diversity Indices, A Case Study: Chaghasabz Park in Ilam (566 Downloads)
The Effect of Different Soil Treatments on Seed Emergence and Seedling Survival of Cercis griffithii in the Nursery (560 Downloads)
Barriers of Local People Participation in Forest Conservation Plans in Gilan e Gharb County (560 Downloads)
Investigation on Important Causes of Beetle Attack to Amygdalus scoparia Trees in Central Zagros Bagh-shadi, Harat, Yazd (544 Downloads)
Diversity of Tree Species in Protected Forests of Ardal’s Chartagh (543 Downloads)
Efficiency of Cokriging Method to Map the Biometric Characteristics of Wild Pistachio (Pistacia atlantica Desf.) Woodlands in Fars Province (528 Downloads)
The Effect of Seed Source on Germination and Morphological Traits of Amygdalus elaegnifolia Saplings Undersalt Stress (509 Downloads)
The Effect of Storage Temperature and Hormonal Concentration on Seed Germination and Early Growth of Pinus nigra var. caramanica (493 Downloads)
Variation Extent in Seedling Growth Characteristics of Persian Oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) Populations (398 Downloads)
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