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Najmeh Moradi, Mehdi Sadravi,
year 6, Issue 2 (9-2017)

Sadravi  M.  & Moradi N. 2017. Four important oak trees diseases in Iran. Plant Pathology Science 6(2):14-23.

Zagros Mountains in the west of Iran and some areas in the north of Iran are covered by oak trees. Four important diseases of Iranian oak trees are charcoal rot, chestnut blight, sudden death and powdery mildew. The symptoms of these diseases and the characteristics of pathogens as well as their prevalence are described in this article. Some strategies for protecting the oak trees from these diseases are also proposed here.

Musa Mohammadi, Ahmad Hosseini, Ebrahim Sedaghati , Samin Hosseini,
year 7, Issue 1 (3-2018)

Mohammadi  M., Hosseini A., Sedaghati E. and Hosseini S. 2018. Mycoviruses  application in biocontrol of fugal pathogens. Plant Pathology Science 7(1):51-62.

Mycoviruses or fungal parasitic viruses have dsDNA, dsRNA or ssRNA genome. Some of these viruses have a restricted host range and can infect certain strains of host species. In contrast, some other viruses have wider host range and can infect different species of a fungal family. In most cases these viruses are transmitted by anastomosis of mycelium. In a phenomenon called hypovirulence, most of these viruses decrease the virulence of their host fungus. Discovery of  hypovirulence revealed the biocontrol ability of mycoviruses. In summary, mycoviruses could be implemented as powerful agents for biocontrol of fungal pathogens and induction of resistance in plants.

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