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Nadia Mosharaf, Saeid Tabein, Seyed Ali Akbar Behjatnia , Atena Safi,
Volume 9, Issue 1 (3-2020)

Mosharaf N, Tabein S, Behjatnia SAA, Safi A (2019) Role of betasatellites in interaction of viruses with plants. Plant Pathology Science 9(1):78-90. DOI: 10.2982/PPS.9.1.78.
Betasatellites, as begomovirus-dependent small circular single-stranded DNAs, are multifunctional agents that trigger disease symptoms, suppress gene silencing pathways and also interact with various cellular pathways and factors. These subviral elements have a conserved genome organization that encodes only a functional open reading frame on the complementary sense strand βC1. The encoded beta satellite protein affects only the helper begomovirus cycle factor. The small size with a strong promoter sequence and the ability to replace βC1 with foreign genes made beta satellites suspected tools for the investigation of functional genes. As we expand our knowledge of begomovirus / beta satellite complexes and their interactions with host plants, we develop management approaches for the expansion of begomoviral destructive diseases.

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