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Arman Kamgar, Saghar Ketabchi,
Volume 12, Issue 1 ((Autumn & Winter) 2023)

Kamgar, A. & Ketabchi, S. (2023). The effect of three biofertilizers on growth indices of tomato and severity of bacterial wilt disease. Plant Pathology Science 12(1), 105-112.     Doi: 10.2982/PPS.12.1.105
Introduction: Bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum is one of the major diseases of tomato in the world. Today, new methods based on the use of biological products for the management of plant diseases have been considered to reduce the consumption of chemical toxins and damage to the environment, to provide an organic product for consumers. Materials and Methods: The effect of three biofertilizers: Nitro Kara (containing several nitrogen-fixing bacteria), effective microorganisms (EM®: containing several species of yeasts and bacteria), and compost on tomato growth indices and severity of bacterial wilt disease were evaluated in a completely randomized design in greenhouse conditions. Results: Analysis of variance showed that, these three bio-fertilizers had significant effect on increasing tomato growth indices, but did not significantly reduce the disease severity. Compost among them had the greatest effect on tomato growth indices even in the presence of the pathogen. Conclusion: Compost can be considered as an improvement factor for tomato growth indices in the management program of bacterial wilt disease.


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