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Aminallah Tahmasebi, Mohamad Hamed Ghodoum Parizipour,
Volume 9, Issue 1 (3-2020)

Tahmasebi A, GhodoumParizipour MH (2020) The role of brassinosteroid hormones in plant response to pathogens. Plant Pathology Science 9(1):108-117.          DOI: 10.2982/PPS.9.1.108.
Plants are usually attacked by several pathogens. Different defense pathways in plants have evolved in reaction to pathogens. Plant defense responses have been shown to be regulated by various plant hormones. Brassinosteroids are plant-specific steroid hormones that play important roles in regulating growth and developmental processes. In addition to acting as a regulator of plant growth, they also play a role in defense responses to pathogens. Many researches have been done on their role in plant resistance to fungi, bacteria and viruses, which are described in this article. Further understanding of the role of these hormones in plant defense responses can be useful in inducing resistance or producing plants resistant to pathogens.

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