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Mehri Khesht Zar, Mehran Sharafi zad, Jafar Ghasemi Ranjbar,
Volume 4, Issue 1 ((Spring and Summer) 2017)

To investigate the role of seed size on maize germination characteristics, an experiment was conducted in 2014 in the Laboratory of Registration and Certification of Seeds and Plants, Khuzestan Branch. Treatments included three levels of seed size (control (mixed), large and small) and hybrids at three levels (KSC704, Karun and Mobin). The results of these experiments showed that the hybrid had a significant impact on germination percentage, the rate of germination, vigor index, root and shoot length and dry weight of seedling. In addition, the highest germination (94.3%), the rate of germination (8.4 seeds per day), vigor index (37.6), shoot length (21 cm), root fresh weight (3.1 gr) and dry weight of seedlings (0.59 g) affected by seed size belonged to the Karun hybrid. Generally speaking, in terms of germination and seedling growth, there were differences among the three groups of maize seeds. Out of the hybrids scrutinized, Karun hybrid was a better one in terms of germination and growth of seedlings.

  1.  Due to higher storage capacity, the use of large seeds brings about increases in the seedling germination rate and their establishment in the field
  2. The use of large seeds with more seed vigor decreases competition between seedlings and reduces vapor from the field.

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