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Fereshteh Darabi, Maryam Valipour, , Rahim Naseri, Meysam Moradi Moradi,
Volume 4, Issue 1 ((Spring and Summer) 2017)

Unfavorable storage conditions, especially relatively high environment humidity and high storage temperature greatly affect the quality of corn seeds. The effects of temperature, environment moisture and length of storage on six maize hybrids were examined. For the purpose of investigating germination traits, total soluble proteins, leakage electrolytes and the activity of antioxidant enzymes in maize hybrids, an experiment was carried out at the Agronomy and Plant Breeding Laboratory of Ilam University in 2016. The study was conducted as two factorial experiments, adopting a completely randomized design with three replications. The first factor comprised six maize hybrids (single crosses: 703, 706, 711, 604, Mobin and 701) that were obtained from Karaj Seed Breeding and Seedling Institute, Iran. The second factor was accelerated aging test in four levels involving non-aging (control treatment), aging for 4, 8 and 12 days under 40°C temperature and 95% humidity. The results showed that mean time to germination and electrolyte leakage significantly increased with aging duration. Mean time to germination and electrolyte leakage of the hybrids 701, Mobin and 711 increased more than the other hybrids. In addition, antioxidant enzyme activity decreased significantly with an increase in the aging period. These results indicated severe damage to cell membranes and enzyme activity in these hybrids. Moreover, there was a significant and positive correlation between germination percentage and the enzyme peroxides, as compared with other antioxidant enzymes. Although antioxidant enzyme activity exhibited a significant reduction in seed deterioration, nonetheless, generally speaking, compared with other varieties, KSC 703 was more tolerant.

  1. The germination response of six hybrids of the maze to seed deterioration was investigated.
  2. The role of antioxidant enzymes in deteriorated seeds of maize hybrids was examined.

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