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Mina Arast, Ali Tavili, Saied Shojaei,
Volume 2, Issue 2 ((Autumn & Winter) 2016)

A vast area of Iran is covered by sand dunes. Biological control is an appropriate method for sand dune fixation. So, it is essential to recognize characteristics of psammophyte plant species and introducing suitable species for sand dunes. Ammodendron persicum is one of the important and compatible species in desert ecosystems. The current research was carried out to investigate the effect of different treatments on seed dormancy breaking and germination stimulation of Ammodendron persicum in order to determine the most effective treatment in enhancing of germination and primary growth of seedlings. The experiment was done in a completely Randomized Design. Our experimental design was included10 random attendance namely: soaking of Ammodendron persicum seeds in gibberellic acid (300ppm) for 48 hr, seed scratching scarification with acid in two interval times of 20&30 min, incorporation of later with sand paper scratching scarification, seed scratching with gibberellic acid (300ppm) and time period of 48hr Ammodendron persicum seed sand papering combined with gibberellic acid soaking, wetting Ammodendron persicum seeds with high temperature water (80°C) for 5&10 min then scratching them by sand paper and also using distillated water as control treatment evidence. Experimental results showed, 30 minutes sulfuric acid soaking combined with sand papering can increase germination to 90% of the laboratory. In addition, seed scratching with gibberellic acid (300ppm) and time period of 48hr Ammodendron persicum seed sand papering combined, wetting Ammodendron persicum seeds with high-temperature water (80°C) for 5&10 min, the percentage of germination, respectively, 45/15, 45/8, 17/10 and 68/28 respectively. Moreover, 30min high-density sulfuric acid caring improves Ammodendron persicum, seed vigor, the power of greenhouse and lab samples to 450 and 510 respectively. Finally, authors reported scratching and acid soaking combination as an efficient, caring method in this research.

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